It's getting hard to breath.
Hi, I'm Saskia. I'm from Belgium but I live in the Netherlands now. I'm 16 years old and deeply in love with my boyfriend Lenn. I speak Dutch, English and a little bit French. When someone from Belgium talks to me I will talk good Dutch and not Flemish, I'm sorry for that but I live in the Netherlands now.
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Lomography in Colors - Pig Pink
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Holy fuck. His shadow is like woah

Omg I wouldn’t have even noticed the wings if not for your comment ^

I always reblog him
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Interior no. 24, 2011 © Marleen Sleeuwits/Liefhertje en De Grote Reus
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Lomography Camera of the Day - Yashica MAT 124G
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Ursus maritimus. Photo by ewaldmario
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Curious Emus Startle Photographer
A pack of emus at a farm in Washington state made one local photographer nearly drop his camera in fright yesterday.
“I wasn’t so much scared of the emus — I think they were just curious — as I was startled,” said photographer Charlie Whitmore. “The whole flock just sort of ran up to my lens without warning and started squawking.”
When asked if this was normal behavior for emus, noted emuologist and apparent jerk, would only say: “Actually, a group of emus is called a ‘mob.’”
Via Reza Ahmeds.
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Lomography Film of the Day - Lomography CN 800
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